No Down Payment Mortgage Loans: Explore the Best One Today

For first-time homebuyers and repeat homebuyers, FHA and several other dealers are making home mortgage loans with no down payment with bad credit available. Hence, if you are thinking of purchasing a home, you can apply for such loans here.

Getting Home Mortgage with No Down Payment is Your Right Option

With interest rates rising slowly and steadily, it is possibly the right time to buy a house. Currently, lenders are providing amazing deals on mortgage loan without down payment. You can capitalize on this opportunity to make good investment.

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Learn About the 5 Best Federal Mortgage Loan with No Down Payment

Here is some information relating to 5 best mortgage programs with no down payment requirements.

  • VA Home Loans – Home loans provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs or VA Loans to qualified home buyers who are U.S. military veterans as well as to those who are in active services. Even some members of the U.S. National Guards and reserves are eligible for VA no down payment home loans.
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  • USDA Home Loans – Housing loan programs guaranteed by the US Department of Agriculture form part of the Rural Development loans for home buyers wanting to purchase homes in some select areas. But income restrictions apply to USDA mortgage loans and these are confined to certain geographical limits. Besides, there may be other limitations as well.
  • Mortgage Insurance – Qualified home buyers can finance homes by paying 3% down payment along with Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI). The costs incurred on PMI could be lesser than those that apply to FHA mortgage insurance. In addition, if principle loan balance is less than 80% of the home value then buyer can cancel PMI.
  • Federal Navy Loans – Federal Credit Union of the United States Navy offers 100% home mortgage financing loans that don’t require down payments to eligible members to buy primary homes. The costs involved in getting these loans could be less than those incurred on VA loans. Besides, these programs are strictly restricted to military members.
  • FHA Mortgage Loans – FHA home mortgage loans require applicants to pay 3.5% down payment and could be the best proposition for borrowers who have bad credit. The qualification criteria that apply to these housing loan programs are lenient and as a result, obtaining an approval could be relatively easy than many other alternatives.

The 2 Different Types of Mortgages without Down Payment Requirement

Consult one of our competent local mortgage consultants to determine which option is right for your situation. You can get a mortgage with no down payment in 2 different forms as under:

  • 100% housing finance loans can be accessed for buying homes as per borrower’s needs and repayment capacities.
  • The other form of getting home mortgage without down payment is the 80/20 type. These loans are very common and even easier to get as compared to 100% home financing loans.

Know When Getting a Good Mortgage Companies with No Down Payment Is a Good Idea

Getting a loan for a house with no down payment can be a great idea when you do not have sufficient money for paying upfront as demanded by majority of the traditional mortgage loan dealers during your effort to finance home. You can visit

2 Major Benefits Offered By Home Mortgage Loans with No Down Payment Online

The main advantages of securing home mortgage no down payment are as follows:

  • You can get your home financed with zero down payment or by paying as less as 5% of the loan amount upfront.
  • If you buy home at this time, you can get guaranteed return on investment.
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