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Save Money with No Income Verification Mortgage Refinance

A refinance mortgage no income verification loans does not require applicants to submit any income proof. Such types of mortgage refinances are ideal for homeowners who are either self-employed or working on commission basis and so, are unable to refinance their homes through traditional ways. Find mortgage companies that refinance with bad credit online.

Best No Income Verification Mortgage Loans: What Lenders Look For

To obtain approval for refinance mortgage no income verification loans, you do not have to submit any income documents. However, your credit profile might come in for a scrutiny and lenders will use that to determine the type of interest rates, which can be charged. To learn more, consult a specialist today.

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Refinancing Home Loan without Proof of Income: Check If You Can Obtain

Some lenders specialize in providing no income verification mortgage loans to borrowers who are facing difficulties with income documentation as they do not have steady incomes. Lenders that offer mortgage with no income proof have lenient approval criteria and so, getting approved for such loans is easier.

Boost Chances of Getting Refinance Mortgage without Income Verification

Although obtaining approvals for no income verification mortgages for refinancing homes could be relatively easy, the level of interest rates offered could depend on number of factors. To that effect, if you have bad credit and are planning to apply for mortgage refinance of this type, it could be vital for you to take the below mentioned aspects into consideration.

  • Start reducing principle loan balances on your high interest credit cards to improve credit ratings.
  • Prior to considering applying for no income check mortgage loans to refinance houses, gather documents pertaining to your business and bank statements for the last 6 months. Lenders will require that to assess the exact nature of your income flows.
  • Get a letter from CPA which states that you are self-employed and can give tangible proof for your having sufficient income.
  • At the time of filling an application for refinance mortgage with no proof of income needed online, you can also give proof in the form of profit and loss statements for last 1 year.
  • Loan dealers will grant quicker approvals if you show that you having enough bank deposits and can pay a substantial amount of down payment.
  • Last but not the least, the best way to win lenders’ confidence if to highlight as to for how long you have been carrying out the present business activity.

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3 Ways For Getting Mortgage with No Income Proof

  • No Income No Assets Loans

    These do not require applicants to give details of incomes or assets to lenders. Instead, lender representatives verify employment record of borrower and his actual designation in the registered business.

  • Stated Income Stated Assets Loans

    In this type of refinance mortgage, applicant gives details of income and assets but does not give proof for either of these. Lenders may not check income or assets information but will definitely verify whether the borrower is actually employed.

  • No Income Verified Assets Loans

    Lenders that extend this kind of home refinance credit services do not verify income of applicant but will check or verify assets. Borrower can use bank savings in place of income documents to assure lenders that he can repay loan.

Some Salient Features of Our Refinance Mortgage without Proof of Income
  • Stated income loan finances
  • No assets housing loan finances
  • Mortgage needs no income verification
  • Copies of income tax returns are required
  • Copies of monthly paystubs are not required
  • Refinance home at low sustainable interest rates
4 Important Tips For Getting No Income Verification Mortgages
  • Your declared income has to be in tune with the loan size that you have applied for.
  • You must give proof that you have paid income tax regularly and no dues are pending.
  • If your credit score is bad then it is advisable to take some urgent steps for improving it.
  • You can also explore alternatives in the form of second mortgage loans for refinancing home.
  • Know about more option to get no credit check mortgage loans.
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