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No document mortgage loans are financial solutions that do not require any documentation. As there is no paperwork involved in the process, being approved for such types of housing loan programs is extremely easy. However, no doc mortgage loan programs that do not need any income or asset verification. You can surely get started for bad credit mortgage refinance!

More on No Documentation Mortgages

However, such types of mortgages have become obsolete as not many lenders provide them. This is primarily because of the fact that loan dealers do not verify borrower’s ability to repay the dues, which is in complete violation of law. The main beneficiaries of these loan finances are self-employed professionals, small businesspersons, etc. who face difficulty in documenting their incomes. However, no doc mortgage loan programs that do not need any income or asset verification. You only need to know where to find them.

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No Doc Mortgage Loans Bad Credit: About 3 Different Types Of Programs

No doc home loans for self employed come standard in 3 major forms as under:

  • Stated Income Loans – Self-employed individuals, majority of who earn money by way of tips or commissions, are eligible for these loans. Nevertheless, to get approved, they need to give copies of profit and loss statement, latest bank statements and last 3 years’ income tax returns along with their no doc home loan applications.
  • No Ratio Loans - No doc mortgage home loans of this type are best suited for people who have excellent credit and substantial amount of annual incomes. For expediting the approval process, applicants just have to give proof of assets such as details of investments, bank funds, real estate investment, stocks & bonds, etc.
  • No Income/No Asset Verification Loans – To obtain approval for a no doc mortgage loan of this type, borrower must give information pertaining to amount of down payment, status of his credit profile, property appraisal, type of work he is doing and length of employment. Such types of mortgages are best for people, who want privacy.
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Who Can Really Benefit With No Documentation Mortgage Refinance Loans?

The following category of borrowers can be the ideal candidates for getting low interest rate mortgage loan no doc programs.

  • Self-employed professionals
  • Those receiving monthly payments
  • People not claiming tips or bonuses
  • Either of separated spouses with bad credit
  • Immigrants receiving under table payments
  • Borrowers who can’t get traditional mortgages
  • Applicants whose debt-to-income ratios are poor

Best No Doc Mortgage Companies: Find and Compare within Minutes

  • No documentation mortgages require minimum paperwork and so are much easier to get approved for. But borrowers may have to undergo credit checks and get property values appraised before they apply for such loans. Besides, probable applicants must provide proof for employment or incomes to lenders along with their requests.

  • Application procedure

    Getting a no doc mortgage home loan could be one of your most viable options if you don’t proper income and tax documents for submission.

  • Privacy comes at a price

    In the absence of stringent income verification process, you can expect the rates of interest charged to be significantly high unlike those for traditional mortgages.

Getting No Documentation Mortgage Loans – Some Key Points Explained

  • Lenders will ascertain borrower’s credit information and property value when reviewing requests.
  • The interest rates provided for no doc home loans will be higher than those offered for traditional mortgages.
  • Down payment demanded for approving no documentation home loan application might be higher.
  • No doc home loans program available with fixed as well as adjustable interest rates.
  • The eligibility guidelines that apply to these no doc loans can be stricter than those for regular home mortgage loans.

No Doc Refinance Mortgage Loans: 4 Main Advantages Of Getting Easily Online

  • People, who are facing income documentation problems, have the chance to buy or refinance homes at low sustainable interest rates.
  • Borrowers who do not want to get into hassles of traditional home loan financing may also find no doc loans useful.
  • The mortgage interest rates offered for no doc loans to applicants, who have good credit scores, could be highly competitive.
  • Down payment demanded for approving no documentation home loan application might be higher.
  • It is possible to obtain approval for a no documentation home loan even if you have bad credit rating.

How it works

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Know Major Differences Between Traditional Loans And No Doc Loans
  • No doc home loans require minimum amount of paperwork.
  • Loans of this type offer greater degree of flexibility than traditional mortgage loans.
  • One can obtain an approval for a no doc mortgage loans even he has got bad credit.
  • Self-employed professionals may find such loans easier to get than traditional ones.
  • No documentation mortgage refinance are most apt for people who want privacy of financial transactions.
When to Apply For a No Documentation No Doc Mortgage Loan?

You can apply and get no doc mortgage loan if you:

  • Do not have required income documents.
  • Are in urgent need of cash within some days.
  • Need funds quickly for a shorter time period.
  • Have a thoroughly well worked out exit plan.
  • Are unable to obtain loan through a bank.
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