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Apply for Home Equity Line Of Credit 125 LTV to Save Money and Build Credit

A 125% home equity line of credit can be a good way for borrowing money at a low initial interest rate for consolidating and paying off high interest rate credit card debts, personal loans, educational loans, car finance loans, etc. By securing a 125 LTV HELOC with a 3 to 5 year repayment duration, you may have some real chance of building credit provided you make sure that you repay the money being borrowed regularly. However, it is important that you identify your long-term goals prior to applying for HELOC. A better idea is to consult our local expert.

Know What Exactly 125 Loan to Value Home Equity Loans Are

A 125 ltv home equity loan is a credit service that enables borrowers to borrow money up to 125% of the total equity built up in their homes. Such a proposition can be ideal for homeowners who have VA or FHA mortgages. One can qualify for low interest rates.

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How Does A 125 Home Equity Line Of Credit Actually Work?

To obtain approval for a 125 home equity loan line of credit, applicant must be owner of the house that is to be pledged as collateral. Besides, borrower must have a credit score of at least 600 if the program is FICO based 125% home equity line of credit program.

home equity loan 125 ltv

125 Percent Home Equity Loan or Line of Credit – Important Things to Consider

Typically, HELOC 125 LTV is a mortgage financial solution that can enable you to secure credit services for loan amount, which is 125% of the existing home equity. While HELOCs will have lower interest rates initially, the rates might start adjusting later on and increase significantly making payments highly unaffordable.

Some Vital Features of Our 125 Home Equity Loan

  • Home Equity Loans will have fixed interest rates
  • Applicant can borrow up to 125% value of his home
  • Borrower can use funds to undertake home improvements
  • It is possible to repay all high interest credit card debts instantly
  • Even personal loans, education loans, car loans, etc. can be repaid
  • There are no annual fees or mortgage insurance charges to be paid
  • Homeowner can refinance & consolidate all outstanding dues into one single lower payment
  • Can be effectively used for repaying first and second mortgages if the combined loan amount is small

Here is Why You Should Apply for Home Equity Loan 125 LTV

  • To get rid of high interest credit card and other debts.

  • Save hundreds of dollars on interest payments each month.

  • Can renovate home, enjoy vacation or pay college tuition fees.

  • Eligible for securing tax deduction (Consult a competent tax attorney).
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