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If you are in search of refinancing a home with bad credit then you are at the right place. MortgageRefinanceBadCredit can help you to get amazing deals on mortgage refinancing. Benefit with our straightforward helping process to secure a home refinance with bad credit solution that fits specific financial needs and requirements. Get started. Apply now!

Refinancing Home with Bad Credit Score – Get Started Now

Your decision to refinance a home with bad credit is well thought of and our online procedure is aimed at making things easier. To that effect, the first step in the correct direction is to fix a free initial consultation with one of our competent local mortgage specialists. Our expert will study gravity of your current mortgage debt situation and thereafter suggest the right remedy.

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Refinance Home with Bad Credit: Determine If You Are a Candidate

To be approved for bad credit home refinancing through us, you must meet the below mentioned basic requirements.

  • Credit score must be 580 or above
  • Must not have late payments during the last 1 year
  • Should be current on payments for all credit accounts
  • Must not bankruptcy, short sales or home foreclosure record in past 36 months
  • Your Debt-To- Income or DTI ratio must be under 43%
  • Should be willing to pay around 3.5% down payment
  • Must have stable employment record for last 2 years
  • Give proof of income in the form of copies of paystubs, tax returns and W-2s.
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Criteria for Refinance a Home with Bad Credit Through Us

Majority of the banks will check the following aspects prior to approving you for a low interest rate home refinance for bad credit.

  • Stable & regular source of income
  • Lower Debt-To-Income or DTI ratio
  • Exact status of applicant’s credit profile
  • Equity built in home or ability to pay down payment

Home Refinance with Bad Credit Score: Some Vital Features

  • Consolidate all debts into one single payment

    By refinancing your home with bad credit at lower interest rate, you can get rid of all your high interest credit dues instantly.

  • Investment in property market is good option

    As you can borrow money up to 90% of your home value, you can think of purchasing new property. It is possibly the best time.

  • Take advantage of home refinance programs for bad credit

    To make the most out of your savings, you can benefit with features like no ongoing fees, 100% offset account and easy access to your money by using debit cards.

    You can make extra cash whenever you get it for repaying the loan dues quickly or you can select weekly, fortnightly or monthly payment plan.

Refinance Homes with Bad Credit: 5 Important Tips to Save Money

Here are 5 vital guidelines to simplify the task of refinance home with bad credit score to a lower rate.

  • Check credit report – To make sure that you qualify for the home refinance loans for people with bad credit for your circumstances, get errors removed from credit report by obtaining free annual copies from credit bureaus.
  • Improve your credit – You may have better chances of getting approval for refinancing home with bad credit if you take effective steps for improving your credit.
  • Explain the situation – Honesty pays so give all correct and verifiable information to lender about the steps that you have taken for reducing your debts.
  • Prove you can repay – To show that you can repay home refinance bad credit history loan, you have substantial savings in your bank’s checking account or give proof that you have some other valuable assets for repaying loan dues. Such prerogatives might even enable you to get access to the lowest interest rate too.
  • Get your loan co-signed – For enhancing chances of being instantly approved for a refinance home bad credit; you can get a co-signer, who has excellent credit reputation, to co-sign the loan that is being provided. Co-signers are responsible for paying missed payments and so lenders get assurance that money lent is recoverable.

4 Obstacles You May Face When Getting Bad Credit Home Refinance Loans

  • High interest rates – The interest charged for home refinance loans for bad credit could be high. However, it is possible to obtain sustainable interest rates by undertaking extensive shopping. The task could be challenging but when you have a mortgage specialist to guide you during your effort, the process will be stress-free.
  • Home equity levels – You will experience difficulty in refinance your home with bad credit to a lower rate if your current mortgage is “underwater”. In such a situation, your best bet is to see if you can qualify for HARP which is specially designed to assist borrowers who owe more on their homes than their actual worth.
  • Poor credit ratings – Missed debt payments, job loss, rising high interest credit card dues, past home foreclosure or bankruptcy record can contribute to sagging credit profile.
  • Loss of employment – In case your income has dwindled due to loss of job or reduced working hours, things will be more complicated on the home refinancing front.

How it works

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Expert Help to Get Home Refinancing With Bad Credit

You cannot expect guaranteed approval for a loan meant to refinancing a home with bad credit score as most of the mortgage loan dealers will go through debt as well as financial details given by you in your home refinance application.

Although proposition may appear to be disappointing, one must not give up hope. You can still find a lender that is willing to offer refinance homes with bad credit approval. However, there might be few things, which you can do. You can visit harp 3.0 here!

Benefits of Home Refinance Loans for Bad Credit
  • Qualifying for the lowest mortgage refinance interest can be perfect possibility despite bad credit.
  • There is a real chance for improving your cash flows by doing adjustments in repayment amount.
  • You will have the option to choose features of your liking if you are approved for home refinance.
  • If there is some equity built up in your house, you can use it for repaying the home refinance loan dues faster.
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