No Money Down Mortgage Refinance: Save Hundreds with a Low Interest

Locate best no money down mortgage loans to a lower interest. Benefit with a simple, easy and hassle-free process that enables saving time, energy as well as money during your overall effort to secure a mortgage refinance loan solution that fits your needs and budget. It is good to start with bad credit mortgages refinance loan.

Who Can Actually Benefit By Mortgage Loans with No Money Down?

» Borrowers who want to refinance their homes but don’t have cash for down payment.

» Students wanting to purchase or getting a mortgage with bad credit and no money down co-signed.

» Applicants who have valuables, which can be pledged as collaterals against the loan, provided.

» Borrowers who have good credit ratings and intend to take advantage of the lowest interest rates can get mortgage refinance no money down

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Mortgage for No Money Down: List of Some Important Programs

1. FHA Programs - Highlights
  • FHA loans are refinancing no money down mortgage loans where eligible applicants may be required to pay as less as 3.5% down payment.
  • As compared to conventional home refinances, eligibility guidelines for refinancing FHA mortgage loans are more lenient.
  • Gift funds secured from members of family can be used for paying closing costs.
  • Only owned homes which are primary residences qualify for FHA refinance loans.
mortgage no money down bad credit 2. USDA Rural Housing Loans - Highlights
  • Rural borrowers can apply and get refinance mortgage loans with no money down requirement in some selected areas.
  • There are certain property and income restrictions that apply. Probable applicants need to check that by visiting USDA website.
  • If eligible, borrowers can secure fixed interest rate home mortgage refinance loans for up to 30 year terms.
  • Only primary residences qualify for these loans.
  • Credit score requirements could be less stringent than those for other mortgage programs.

3. VA Loans - Highlights
  • Members of the United States military, veterans as well as serving spouses can obtain low interest rate bad credit no money down mortgage.
  • Borrowers do not have to spend money on mortgage insurance premiums while getting VA loans.
  • VA loans are appealing to potential future home buyers as they may be assumable.
  • Homeowners with VA loans can easily refinance homes at reduced interest rates without incurring huge expenses.

Different Ways to getting Refinancing Mortgage with No Money Down

  • Gift funds as down payment

    Borrowers can use funds received as gifts from close relatives for paying down payment.

  • Flex down refinance program

    The program permits applicants to pay down payment through personal loans, credit cards or by using lines of credit.

  • Cash back option

    For the cash back, borrowers must have good credit and must not have missed more than one credit card payment during the last 2 years or no bankruptcy record during the past 7 years. Applicants must be working for at least 2 years in the same industry with an additional condition which stipulates that borrowers be working with present employer for past 6 months. To qualify, borrowers must have minimum credit score of 650 or above. Eligible borrowers can receive 5% money of the entire mortgage loan amount as cash back at the time of closing.

Get a Mortgage with Bad Credit and No Money Down to Reap Benefits

  • It is possible to refinance mortgage with no money down to lower rates without paying deposit or down payment.
  • Homeowners can buy homes and build equity instead of continuing staying on rent.
  • Borrowers can purchase homes at the right time rather than wait for paying down payment.
  • As there is no down payment element, borrowers can save precious cash in bank savings.
  • Money saved on down payments can be invested for some other meaningful purposes.

Possibility of Getting Mortgage Loan with No Money Down

You may think of applying for no money down refinance mortgage if you happen to be in one of the below mentioned categories.

  • You are a first time homebuyer who does not have enough money for paying 20% down payment as required by traditional mortgage loan providers. You can also consider applying for mortgage loans with bad credit and no money down if you intend to use your savings to purchase buying furniture or gadgets for your new home.
  • no money down mortgage programs could be the alternative for you if you want to consolidate credit debts. Interest rates offered on mortgages are tax deductible and currently, at record lows. One can take advantage of the situation and use money for paying children’s tuition fees or similar other purposes.

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