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Getting approved for a 100 percent mortgage loans could be extremely difficult if you attempt to undertake the entire task on your own. However, if you get assisted by a local specialist, the process might appear easier and stress-free. Experts are knowledgeable and experienced to guide you through the procedure.

100 Percent Mortgages with Bad Credit – No Down Payment Required

In a typical process for getting a home equity line of credit online, home will be required to be pledged as collateral against the MortgageRefinanceBadCredit can help you in getting a 100 percent mortgage refinance regardless of the status of your credit history. Most of the conventional loan dealers will require you to have at least 20% home equity for providing housing refinance loans, but here there will be no such condition.

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Important Features of 100 Mortgages for Bad Credit Home Refinancing

  • Co-signer backed loans – You can obtain 100 percent mortgages with bad credit and no deposit or down payment if you get a co-signer to co-sign the loan that is being provided. Co-signer is responsible for payments if you miss few monthly payments and this way lenders get assured that the money being lent is totally recoverable.
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  • Maximum LTV ratio – With 100 home refinance, you can borrow money up to 100% to 120% of your LTV ratio. Traditional mortgage refinancing allows you to borrow funds only up to 95% of your property value. Nevertheless, some loan lenders may have caps on the maximum amount of money that you can borrow.
  • Optional offset accounts – Some 100 percent refinance mortgage providers may offer you the option for having offset accounts. Typically, offset account is a transaction account that is linked to your home loan. All transacted amounts in this account will be offset on a daily basis vis-a-vis the loan amount and reduce principal balance.
  • Flexible payment plans – You can pay extra money each month for reducing principal loan balance and thus, save money on interests. Monthly mortgage payment plans offer this kind of flexibility to borrowers. Alternatively, such a proposition will also protect the co-signer from unnecessary hassles arising due to payment defaults and set him free earlier.
  • Loan with redraw facility – 100 percent mortgages for bad credit often come standard with redraw facilities. Such type of a facility allows borrower to redraw money from monthly payments, which he has already paid to lender but is in urgent need of money for some purpose.

Top 100 Mortgage Refinance Loans You Can Get

  • HARP 2.0 program without any LTV caps and DU Refi-Plus to 105% LTV ratio.
  • FHA Streamline Refinance with no requirement of home appraisal, income verification or even documentation.
  • VA Streamline home refinance loans for houses purchased before 5-31-2009.
  • USDA loans with 100% refinancing for borrowers who own homes in rural areas.

Main Benefits Of Obtaining 100 Mortgage Loans Approval

The following are the 3 major advantages that are offered by 100 mortgage refinancing loans.

  • There is no need of home equity to be pledged as collateral against the loan being provided.
  • You have the chance to convert all the equity built up in your home into vital cash when needed.
  • It is possible to secure a large home equity line of credit at a substantially lower rate of interest.

Know What Bad Credit 100 Percent Mortgage Actually Are

100 percent mortgages are loans that permit refinance 100 percent of home value. The Loan-To-Value or LTV ratio of applicant is the basis for extending credit limit. No down payment or home equity is required for getting such types of low interest rate home refinance loans even if LTV is above 100%.

Get 100 Percent Mortgage Loans for First Time Buyers of Homes

First time home buyers may find it hard to get approved for 100 mortgage loans unless they get credit worthy co-signers to co-sign the loans. Furthermore, lenders may even ask co-signers to pledge their homes and maintain checking accounts in good standing so that they can recover missed monthly mortgage instalments.

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