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Getting a Mortgage with New Job – What Lenders Look For?

One of the most important factors that lenders will check on receipt of your mortgage loan with new job application is your previous employment history. To that effect, if you have changed your job recently and there has been a gap in your work history or difference in pay structure then these things might affect your chances of getting approved.

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Qualifying for a Mortgage Loan with a New Job

Getting approved for a mortgage loan can be extremely difficult especially if your job is new. This is due to that fact that your employer may impose certain restrictions as you have joined very recently.

Most of the mortgage lenders may need the following documents,

  • Income proof documents
  • Copy of appointment letter
  • Copies of last 2 years’ tax returns
  • Copy of last 3 months bank statements

The 4 Different Ways of Getting Refinance Mortgage with New Job Explained

Your joining a new job might not be the only factor for getting a home loan. There might be other important factors like your credit rating, alternative sources of income or ability to pay large down payment that may decide the fate of your mortgage loan with new job application.

  • Credit Report – - If you have excessive credit debts then the going could be tough, as lenders will have a nice hard look at your credit report, delinquent credit accounts and new credit requests. The sailing may be smooth if you have good credit rating and low debts.
  • Down Payment – Another consideration is your capacity to pay a large down payment. Down payments can lower interest rates even if you have a new job. So start saving some money or pull out your savings to win lenders’ confidence in you.
  • Good Co-signer – To improve your chances of getting approved for a mortgage loan while on a new job, you can also consider providing a good co-signer for co-signing your loan. Such a proposition can assure lenders that the money being lent is recoverable in the event of a loan payment default.
  • Alternative Incomes – You can also obtain a home loan despite having new job if you show lenders that you have some alternative source of steady monthly income in the form of social security or pension benefits, child alimony, interest on deposits, etc.

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Can I Get a Home Refinance with a New Job? Just Find Out Online Today

You can up your chances of being approved for a home mortgage loan with a new job by taking these 3 useful considerations as under:

  • Steady employment

    Although you have switched over to a new job, most of the lenders will check your previous employment record. Therefore, make sure that you did have a steady job for at least last 2 years before you changed your job.

  • Career in just one field

    Lenders may also consider jobs stable if applicants practice the same profession and do not keep on changing their careers. For example, doctors, lawyers, chartered accountants, etc. have focused careers and so their probability of getting mortgage loans is high.

  • Lot of patience is required

    If your mortgage loan application is denied because of your new job then you must have some patience. Try again and meet qualification criteria that are stipulated by lenders. Also, look for other mortgage loan dealers that can approve you.

Learn How to Get Mortgage with New Job Online

We can help you in getting mortgage for new job for the below mentioned situations.

  • Mortgage loan if you have just joined a new job.
  • Home mortgage loan for new contract with your existing employer.
  • Get mortgage loan if there is a rise in your pay.
  • Mortgage loan 3 months before joining new job provided you give evidence.
  • Mortgage loan if you are still within the probation period of new job.
  • Mortgage loan even if you are working on a temporary contract.
  • Mortgage loan if you are self-employed recently but have work history.
  • Mortgage loan if you have recently joined school as a teacher.

Determine Mortgage Refinance Qualification with New Job Online

Lenders primarily check applicant’s ability to pay monthly mortgage instalments regularly and hence, their focus is on verifying stability of job and income. To ascertain this, loan dealers ask borrowers to give copies of previous 2 years’ income tax returns, copies of very recent paystubs and W-2 forms, if self-employed. Any major change in pay structure will also be reviewed.

Applying for Mortgage with a New Job – Consult an Expert Now

You can consult a local mortgage expert if you are thinking of switching over to a new job and want to apply for a home mortgage loan. If you have already changed job then during the course of a free initial consultation with mortgage specialist, make sure that you explain him the exact reasons for your joining a new job.

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