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Timing your actions is everything in fast-paced living. Refinancing your home is no exception. Lenders offer a rate with a lock in period of 15 days. Close your loan to pocket this rate. 15-day increments to gain time will increase those rates. The sooner you refinance, lower the rates. You can even apply with low doc mortgage refinance loan. Start your application now.

How to Speed Up a Mortgage Refinance Loan within Shortest Period

Refinance your home within a few weeks at the most. You may find interest rates you simply cannot believe, but with a short lock period. You need to smoothen the way and rush things, speed up mortgage applications, so you do not miss the deadline! Quicken the mortgage process in best ways to benefit from lower interest rates.

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Ways to Speed Up Mortgage Refinance Loans

    Honesty Dissolves Objections and Obstacles

  • An honest application does not omit any debt for a larger loan. Lenders catch lies and increase paper work
  • Process is smoother if you do not disclose all assets. Disclose enough to cover all costs plus 3-month reserves. Extra assets act as speed breakers with more paper work and questions
  • You can understate assets. It is not being a fraud. Follow this advice on how can i speed up my mortgage application

    Be Aware Of All Necessary Paper Work. Return Signed Documents Promptly

  • Individual circumstances differ. Borrowers must know which documents to include in application before submitting it
  • Know how to speed up mortgage application by getting necessary paperwork like financial e-statements, pay stub and deposited check copies
  • Application to approval process is step by step submitting additional documents.
  • It is also signing and returning new documents issued to you. Do not waste time at your end
how can i speed up my mortgage application with quick response

How to Speed Up Mortgage Process – Hold On to Present Employment

  • Mortgage refinance and career moves do not go together. Recent career move undermines stability.
  • Prevent lenders making negative decisions due to career change.
  • Hold off switching employers until you close mortgage refinance loan.

How to Speed Up Mortgage – Don’t Create New Debt

  • STOP creating new debts well in advance, much more than 60 days before your mortgage loan application.
  • Newer purchases done recently cause delays in mortgage refinance processing.
  • Recent debts lower your credit scores denting mortgage loan interest rates or even qualifying.
  • Credit reports pulled on day of closing will bring to light new debt, lower scores and debt to income ratio.
  • Do not assume approval means your mortgage loan is clear. Do not create any new debt yet.
Work with Lenders Offering Free Appraisal Waivers
  • Physical property appraisals are roadblocks. Then how to speed up the mortgage process?
  • Book appraisals early, accommodate appraiser and get through quickly
  • Better yet, find a lender using ‘appraisal waiver’ or automated approvals with accurate software generated values
  • Ask lenders what percentage of loans were approved with appraisal waivers in past 12 months
  • Appraisal waivers make for faster and cheaper mortgage loan. Fannie Mae waives ‘appraisal waiver’ fee of $75
This Year Portends You to Speed Up Mortgage Refinance
  • Mortgage refinance market place is sensitive to interest rates
  • Mortgage refinance will close faster in 2017 as lenders have adequate staff to meet increased demands
  • Lenders eager for refinance business indicate competitive rates with short lock periods
how to speed up your mortgage refinance process with an ease
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