7 Tips for Refinancing a Mortgage with Bad Credit

Trying for lower than average rates will lead to disappointment. Have greater equity to show your mortgage company to refinance with bad credit. Take a quick view and know how you can get refinance mortgage with bad credit.

Tips that will qualify you to get best mortgage refinance for bad credit rates

Mortgage refinance options for bad credit can solve many problems. Homeowners can avoid financial disaster with a home in good condition. Lenders not entertaining homeowners with less than perfect credit is just myth. Apply now for getting best possible rates even if you have bad credit.

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Affordable Refinance mortgages with bad credit Quote – Seven ways to lower interest

1) Pay Loans to Improve Credit Score

Pay off some debts before refinancing to improve scores. Lowering debt to income ratio is key for how to refinance mortgage with bad credit. This gives you more balance that is available on credit. A higher credit utilization ratio reduces chances. Ideal is 35% or less. Lenders want to see lower outstanding on total borrowings.

2) Fix Credit Report Errors

It’s a given that creditors and credit bureaus are making lot of mistakes. Take responsibility to clean up your reports for accuracy. Up-to-date, correct information improves approval chances for more bad credit mortgage refinance options. It’s up to you to make the best of your bad credit situation.

can you refinance mortgage with bad credit

3) Avoid Shopping for Rates over Longer Period

Shopping around is essential for researching rates. Longer periods generate more credit inquiries hurting credit scores in the process. Shop between 30-45 days at most, shopping over 60 days is a no-no. Shop your loan quickly so it won’t affect your FICO scores.

4) Don’t forget HARP

If you owe more than what your home is worth but are still current on your payments, HARP – mortgage refinance programs bad credit can help you. Mortgages owned by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac can restructure with affordable rates despite bad credit and realty woes. Refinance through HARP 2.0.

5) Co-Signer makes a difference

Co-signer has good credit that complements your bad credit. Your refinance mortgage company for bad credit will be happier to view this kind of application. Share repayment responsibility with a co-signer. Trust and willingness to offer backing in such a relationship is very important. Qualify for mortgage refinance approval despite bad credit.

6) Apply for HAMP

Homeowner current on monthly mortgage payments are trying to avoid foreclosure due to unaffordable payments. Can you refinance a mortgage with bad credit? You may qualify for HAMP. Mortgage modifications can lower rates and other dues contributing to monthly mortgage payments. Aim is to bring it down to an affordable percentage of gross income before tax with rates as low as 1-2 per cent.

7) Control Credit Score

Stop hurting your credit scores. No new credit card or maxing out existing ones. Missing or overdue payments will lower credit scores. Freeze credit cards in the refrigerator and organize monthly bill payments. You will then qualify for favorable refinance rate.

how to refinance your home mortgage with bad credit
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